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Why you need social media management


It is surely not news to you anymore, it has been all up in your face for more than a decade now; Social media has become that unseen emperor that pretty much runs the world and everything in it, including businesses.

You have seen a good number of brands and businesses building a community on social media and becoming successful with it and you have kept asking yourself, HOW?

In recent times, the numbers game has been fully on the side of social media, with 4.55 billion users across the globe as of October 2021 alone according to Kepios. Now, that’s a lot of users and yes, a lot of dollars, pounds, Euros, Naira, Yen, and any other currency you admire.

Capitalizing on that massive number is something that requires a large dose of strategic tactics and a social media manager.

Social media management involves analyzing and understanding social media audiences to develop a practical strategy that is tailored to reach them and build some kind of interactive moment with them. This involves uploading and sharing engaging content, fostering great conversations online using the said content, collaborating with creators, influencers, and keeping track of social media performance.

Sharing & Engaging

At this juncture, I would gladly speak your mind, “Social media management sounds like a lot of work” and yes, you have never been more right. The social media space is a crazy rollercoaster ride with pieces of content rolling into the arms of the algorithm in a bid to get noticed by it and be blessed with new paying customers and followers. You already have a business outside of the virtual world that needs your attention to stay alive, but then, you also need your business to breathe and live on social media.

Social media managers solely exist to sustain your business’ existence on social media, they do all of the work that comes with making that possible; suggesting ideas for engaging content, creating content calendars, uploading content, keeping track of social media analytics to ensure your posts are doing what they were uploaded to do and yes, social media managers also work towards ensuring your business becomes the mayor of the healthy social media community they have created just for you.

Hiring a social media manager is equivalent to hiring a business partner, they will care about your business as much as you do, and as I earlier stated, you get to become mayor in a budding community they will create for you on social media; so do your social media platforms a favor and hire a social media manager today. It could be a freelance social media manager or social media marketing agency; anyone you decide to go for would give you the results you deserve.

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